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I’d like an app that can switch off all the bloatware that comes with a new phone.

I spent days trying to look through all the permissions of the bloatware on my new phone. I just want to switch off all the privacy invasive apps like the Google ones and those that came with the phone manufacturer’s distribution.

Chinese companies make great phones but I don’t want all my data heading off to China similarly with Google.


new phone

return it and get one with proper aftermarket OS support.

an app that can switch off all the bloatware

not an app, because apps can’t really change stuff but here:


What phone, besides maybe FairPhone, doesn’t come with the manufacturer’s distribution and bloatware?

Thanks for the link to the universal-android-debloater. I’ll have a look at it to see if I can get rid of Google Play Services, et cetera.

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If you’re not in the US then

Fairphone contains just as much Google junk out-of-the-box as any other device with “Android” on its box as is required to have Play Store available.

I don’t mean what comes with it, but can the user replace the OS with a proper aftermarket one: so ability to easily unlock, flash another OS, and relock with security in tact.
Which Fairphone 3 and 4 don’t qualify for as wrongly they trust test-keys for verified boot enforcement.

/e/OS hasn’t provided updates for the Browser in nearly a year and is consistently months behind the basic monthly security patches, I describe these in depth here:
Most of the phones they are selling can’t even receive any vendor security updates anymore as they are end of life by their vendor/odm.

edit: to clarify not all, but most devices they’re selling are EOL, eg. Teracube 2e, Galaxy S9, Murena One
Here is the Galaxy S9, EOL March 2022: Samsung ends Android updates for Galaxy S9 series - 9to5Google
Here are the blobs in the Teracube 2e, they’re from 2020: My /e/ exit interview - #8 by SkewedZeppelin - /e/OS experience - /e/OS community
Here is the SoC in the Murena One, it is from 2018: Helio P60 (MT6771) - MediaTek - WikiChip

Fairphone 3 and 4 are NOT end of life, but have longer support claims by Fairphone than Qualcomm actually offers for the firmware/modem/blobs/etc.

this is offtopic for this, can it be broken into a new thread? ty

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Is your website down? The link gives an error @SkewedZeppelin

All of them?

While I appreciate the amount of research, and it’s worth knowing. I’d argue that murena is still the easiest option for online privacy compared to:

  • A stock android phone from any vendor.
  • furtling about with fastboot, adb and unlocking bootloaders to load in an aftermarket os.
  • The Pinephones

If there are other companies offering pre-loaded degoogled phones with warrenties and continued os support then I’d like to hear them.

Like Calyx?

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I truly enjoy my SHIFTPHONE running and supporting LineageOS. Rooting it is a breeze as well. :heart:

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At least they finally dealt with that. On v108 now. Undoubtedly the last Bromite version was used, itself now falling behind.

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