Battery charged notification app?

Hi guys!

Can anyone recommend me an open source app that features a battery charged alarm, ideally with a threshold to set?

Like, shoot me an alarm when battery charging reaches 85% of full capacity.

Safe Charger (maintain good battery life) -

Thanks! But I get a 404 page not found error.

Sorry, that’s because it isn’t in the main f-droid repository and you need to enable the IzzyOnDroid repository.

You also can download the app from the izzondroid repo: Safe Charger - IzzyOnDroid Repository –
or from the github project page: GitHub - AswinChand97/SafeCharger: This is a simple android application to maintain good battery life. –

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Thanks! You can actually directly install from Play Store. :slight_smile:

Why is an app like that not in the main f-droid repository? What is different (more risky, fewer reviews?) about installing from non-main repos?

I personally don’t use this particular app and I don’t know why it’s not included in the main repo.

The policy for inclusion in the main f-droid repo is very strict and in the izzyondroid repo you’ll usually find apps that don’t fully comply with the features required for inclusion in the main repo either because they wouldn’t work or because the developers aren’t interested in making the necessary changes or because the developers are actually making the necessary changes but the process hasn’t been completed yet.

Personally I consider the izzyondroid repo to be reliable as the mantainer is @Izzy who is an active f-droid contributor and also works hard to help developers so that their apps can be published in the main repo. Obviously it’s always good to pay a little more attention when installing applications from repos other than the main one.

Here you can find a thread about the known repositories (where you could look or ask for informations): Known Repositories - Wiki - F-Droid Forum – Known Repositories

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You already know it from my answer at SoftwareRecs.SE: Battery Charge Limit would be available from the F-Droid repo directly, but wasn’t updated for a while. As you didn’t specify if your device is rooted, I don’t know if it would work for you either (same goes for AccA which is even offer some more features).

Either nobody brought it there, the dev just wanted it in my repo – or there’s some show-stopper I’m not aware of. Checking with its page in my repo, you can see:

  • it has no AntiFeature
  • library section does not list a library which would cause an AntiFeature (else there would be one)
  • VirusTotal confirmed it’s clean
  • last release was in 9/2020, so not that long ago (and there are newer commits in its repo)

So I’d say SafeCharger should be fine. Anyone can go ahead opening an RFP to propose adding it to the F-Droid repo of course.

Edit: Fixed the link for AccA

Thanks for the additional information!

I should have mentioned from the beginning that my device is not rooted.

Will go with SafeCharger for now!

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BatteryBot lets you set your own alarms and is in the main repo.

However, the two flavors available on F-Droid haven’t been updated in 3 years, I’m not sure why.

The app is still actively maintained as can be verified by visiting the relevant GitHub pages, and the latest version is also available on the Play Store.

The differences seem to be minor, though.

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