Apps issues when moved to SD card


my girlfriend installed some apps with AuroraDroid on Android 7 some time ago.
All the apps were working fine, but AuroraDroid was not able to download or update any app any more.
Therefore she installed the original F-Droid-Store and made the outstanding updates.
Unfortunately now all updated apps are reset. All data of these apps is gone.
Is there any problem known, if you use 2 different F-Droid clients?

The apps themselves have reset?
Or F-Droid and Aurora have reset?

The apps behaved like they were freshly installed / forgot all saved data.

By the way, there is not root and no Privileged Extension on this phone. The installation is made by standard Android procedure.

Very strange.
That shouldn’t be possible.

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  1. before update: no sd-card, app installed on the phone flash
  2. add sd-card and set (new) apps to be placed on an sd-card
  3. update (any running app is force-closed)
  4. same apps have now lost their state (but folder-structure and files are kept)

/rel All Apps are reset after installation with AuroraDroid and Updated with F-Droid

Do NOT put apps on SD cards.

Android 10 and higher is absolutely beyond broken and unreliable when it comes
to them.

Do you use the privileged extension by any chance? Because I think that could be this bug if so: PrivExt does not play well with adoptable storage (#61) · Issues · F-Droid / privileged-extension · GitLab

Hi, ever since I upgraded a Motorola G7 to Lineage 19.1 (Android 12), the F-Droid client v1.14 (APK install) doesn´t launch into a usable state any more. It gets stuck at a blank white screen, no matter how long I wait. Is that a known bug? Thanks

I reply to myself (in case any body else has experienced the problem): I solved the issue by changing the Storage and cache - Storage from SD card to Internal shared storage. F-Droid client now starts up on Lineage 19.1

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Btw. While you update LineageOS you forgot the most important app F-Droid v1.15.2
Why? :slight_smile:

That is because F-Droid APK is only available as v1.14 as download from the F-Droid website (that´s the download that has a PGP signature). Since F-Droid didn´t work on my phone (so I thought), I was unable to update through F-Droid - where 1.15.2 is avaible through the update function. I only learned about this update once I found out about the solution of F-Droid 1.14 not launching on Lineage 19.1. I hope this answers your question :wink:

I was quite sure that you would answer in the same way, but that’s not (complete) true :wink:

Version 1.15.2 (1015052) →

You may wonder why i ask at all. Well i would first test the latest version and then say it doesn’t work. not the other way around :wink:

Hi, on a Motorola G7 plus (lake) and LineageOS 19.1 the F-Droid client 1.15.2 works fine here.

You could clear the App data of F-Droid and reopen F-Droid - you should then get a black screen with a rotating circle for as long as the new download and initialization takes (swipe down the notifications to see progress). After that it should be running just fine.
(then redo any special settings that you may have set)

Yeah, thanks for the ominous phrasing (“I was quite sure that you would answer in the same way, but that’s not (complete) true :wink:”) which, in good will, I will not take as a troll attempt.
But as stated: the version for download on the F-Droid page was 1.14 at the time of writing. If you want folks to download the latest version, I suggest to link that from the official download site.

Update on the issue itself: LineageOS (LOS) 19.1 Lake has a bug that leads to SD card corruption when the SD card is being used as adoptable/shared memory. The corruption appeared in my case after I upgraded from LOS 18 to 19 and migrated content from the internal memory onto SD card memory. However, a lot of folks report the SD corruption bug for all sorts of LOS versions, all sorts of hardware. So basically my guess is that F-Droid was itself corrupted or dealt with corrupted meta files it needs for operating, when being moved onto SD card.
So the non-working F-Droid v1.14 would most likely stem from that LOS bug and is actually not a F-Droid bug.
The LOS bug is apparently only to be addressed by formating the SD card as external/removable memory. Which totally breaks the advantage of extending the memory of older phones. But that´s just a side note.