All Apps are reset after installation with AuroraDroid and Updated with F-Droid


my girlfriend installed some apps with AuroraDroid on Android 7 some time ago.
All the apps were working fine, but AuroraDroid was not able to download or update any app any more.
Therefore she installed the original F-Droid-Store and made the outstanding updates.
Unfortunately now all updated apps are reset. All data of these apps is gone.
Is there any problem known, if you use 2 different F-Droid clients?

The apps themselves have reset?
Or F-Droid and Aurora have reset?

The apps behaved like they were freshly installed / forgot all saved data.

By the way, there is not root and no Privileged Extension on this phone. The installation is made by standard Android procedure.

Very strange.
That shouldn’t be possible.

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