App with obscene screenshots in the main repository

I have been recommending FDroid for a while to various people including some coworkers and to my shame someone complained of the app Hendroid.

When i taken a look indeed, it has very sexually explicit words and a suggestive image in it’s screenshots

Can these be removed, and maybe a vetting process be introduced for any new screenshots a developer might post?
This is disgraceful for a public domain, also potentially illegal in some countries in Europe.
Thank you.

This does keep coming up… but F-Droid has a history of procrastinating forever, or until action is unavoidable, whichever comes first. See About the app Hendroid and Does F-Droid have a policy for adult contents? - #5 by oF2pks

I hadn’t noticed you apparently uploaded a new screenshot of your own, to display in your post; not just linked to the existing, available screenshots already online.

Based on this, IMO, you proved the opposite of your argument, with your own behavior. If you really thought the screenshots were “obscene” or “potentially illegal” or “disgraceful for a public domain”, then you should not and would not have uploaded and posted the same thing in your post.

Therefore, IMO, while the text and images may be borderline for polite discussion or for children, there is no support for censoring them, from this forum or from the app.

FYI, your post has been saved in archive org for posterity.

Well as i am posting this in the support forum for this public domain it’s by default less accessible than the f-droid app itself. Or do you think common people go to the support forum when they first hear about f-droid?

Attachments to prove what i’m saying are needed - what if the author removed the screenshots a while after i posted this thread? I’m in a right context here to show proof.

You’re being hypocritical while accusing me of the same thing for no reason.

And in the meantime i have to deal with the shame of a close peer of mine saying his child clicked on this app’s details. What do i tell him? That this is still an indie project? This is the default repository for heaven’s sake.


See for the discussion around this and similar apps. I have code ready to hide this by default (see the linked merge requests), but there sadly hasn’t been time in the team to review it yet.


Thank you.
In the meantime before this mechanism is introduced, can the screenshots of this app be removed? As a single exception?

I’m not going to argue about whether such apps should be in F-Droid. But screenshots definitely should be blurred at least. Just my IMHO

Care to link to the legislation?

If anyone wants to see F-Droid move faster, then get involved. We have discussed this topic quite a bit, and have done a lot of things, and drawn some clear lines. I do not think it is fair to say that the F-Droid community is procrastinating or not responding.

It turns out that in any project with multi-faceted contributors serving a huge array of audiences there will always be some points of disagreement. This case is an example of that. Some have strong objections to images like that, and some have strong objections to removing them, and most are somewhere in the middle. Building a good consensus takes time, mutual understanding, and a lot of discussion.


procrastinating or not responding

Come on. The non free net issue has been open 5 years!

This Hendroid app has been complained about since May '20, if not earlier (linked earlier).

Unless you’re saying opening an issue is “responding”… IMO finding a solution, implementing it, and closing the issue is “responding”.

there will always be some points of disagreement

Indeed. In this era, as always in history, consensus only exists in small, isolated groups who already agree on most things, and have a method for suppressing dissent and kicking out dissenters. With the diversity of people involved in F-Droid, there will never be consensus in moral or “safe for children” decisions. One side or the other will win out, by vote or something.

IMO, F-Droid should be like a library. It is not the library staff problem to keep children away from adult books. The staff labels the shelves. Parents are responsible for guiding their children to the “right” books for them.

Same for apps. Label as safe for children or not. It’s the parent’s responsibility to police their child’s app or internet viewing. (but IANAL)

(More generally, labels should be more honest about which apps restrict access to parts of the internet - Tusky, etc)

Why I won’t be more involved: Inconsistent, hidden forum censorship, with no process for resolving or appeal; Microsoft’s github and Gitlab’s tor-hate and captchas; Some get paid for work, some don’t, the reasons aren’t clear…