Does F-Droid have a policy for adult contents?

Hey there,

I was looking for an app content policy of F-Droid, just to verify whether an app that may have adult content be posted on F-Droid or not. I searched in the docs and forums but could not find anything concrete, sorry in advance if I missed some existing guidelines.

I have written a FOSS wallpaper client for which has some sketchy contents (optional), so I just wanted to know if I can share it on F-Droid or not.

Edit: The app contains NSFW wallpapers, although not by default but can be enabled from filters


I proposed that this was OK if not presented in the metadata/project listing.
I’ll let the maintainers defend their position.


We don’t have a written policy, but we do have some guidelines. In general, we want the main repo to be something you can show to kids, grandparents, collegues, etc. We do not want to be the morality police. F-Droid puts no content restrictions on other repos.

Something like WallHaven seems totally fine to me, as long as the app entry in (description, screenshots, etc) are SFW.


Oki thanks, makes sense.

Will make sure the metadata is SFW

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Seriously ?: sfw (?!)

@Bubu @uniqx (@Licaon_Kter) I must miss something about technical|legal|juridic and worldwide unique definition of >Website< :

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If the metadata is not SFW please open an issue (upstream?).

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I agree that app is pushing it too far. I believe I already asked for
it to be tamed.


Let’s say the policy is currently not really enforced. We have discussed this before and the two possible solutions are having a separate NSFW repository or introducing a NSFW metadata flag that hides any app which this applies to by default and from the website.

There’s been so far no consensus reached except that we should do something. But as always timeis short and there are more pressing infrastructure problems to solve right now.

Can you explain what this is referring to? The link goes to an invalid ssl cert.


(I’m not english native and have no juridic knowledge…, but) apparently the only known >Website< legal definition don’t belong to commercial or information law & framework, but to the ugliest negative section :

Pursuant to 18 USCS § 2258E (6), [Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure; Part I. Crimes; Chapter 110. Sexual Exploitation and Other Abuse of Children] the term website means “any collection of material placed in a computer server-based file archive so that it is publicly accessible, over the Internet, using hypertext transfer protocol or any successor protocol.”

Thus(?), every time F-Droid’s tos refers to the Website it targets this definition, and the tos has no disambiguations: F-Droid whole project (including Gitlab ?) has to comply with >13 worldwide age rating.

This is not about metadata, is 100% clear about hentai section.

Why not simply run a win/win with : like cSploit, FreeTusky and Hendroid are purposely targeting mature audience, in their own category, that don’t fit understandable 13-16 age ratings. imho, these 3 apps are definitively unsafe to 13-16, and could be moved to nethunter repo (if they accept them…).

This is not about censorship but about application of F-Droid sterling tos.

The following terms and conditions govern all use of the website and all content, services and products available at or through the website, including, but not limited to, Forum Software, Support Forums and the Hosting service (“Hosting”), (taken together, the Website).
… … The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old.

imho, foss or floss, this should also be applied to whatever was banned by a lone democracy: scientology, HellsAngels…

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You should instead look up Xah Lee’s statement on why the NSFW culture is bullshit. All those things are just natural and it shouldn’t be labeled in a weird way. (Though, while it’s probably reasonable to separate pure adult content from rest, one should still stop with the NSFW bullshit…)

I meant explicit content in Fastlane screenshots. What do you mean?

What’s the age limit for (making an account on) Facebook? Twitter? Mastodon? Maybe we should move those too?

I’ve used NSFW as an umbrella term.
Are you talking about the “work” part or the “adult” one?

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The idea behind NSFW is bullshit. It’s fine if you separate things into categories. But you can separate anything. For example, I wish I could separate and mute all cat posts on social media.
The problem is, that the idea behind NSFW created a culture where things like nudity or vulgarity are seen like something absolutely atrocious. That is part of the American culture, actually, where there is some reverse psychology going on, however that is a topic on itself.
In many other countries, for example, European ones, such categories of content (like nudity and vulgarity) are generally way more accepted, than in America.
So, instead of trying to adjust the world to America, it would be nice if America learnt more about the world, instead.

My point in this particular discussion is, that we should rely on human sanity and reason like

and less melo-dramatic like

This app shows a couple of partially clothed manga characters (i.e. not even real people!) in its demo screenshots. So what?
The reaction in the last quote would be appropriate, if the pictures would show actual screenshots of a hardcore porn movie…

You are mistaken to ascribe this to “American values”. The majority of
the core contributors live in Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised if none
of the core contributors live in the USA. Some do live in the Americas
though, as in South America.


That is a fallacy. Especially in the context of American culture. American culture is everywhere, and it is evident everywhere in our societies, that American culture is usually more or less slowly dripping over to Europe. This process usually takes 3-10 years, depending on the subject. A prominent and current example is for example the rise of SJWism in Europe. In fact, almost the entire SJW culture in Europe is coming from America. They even literally use the American terms for their ideology or sometimes just plain translate it from English to their own language, without any interpretation.
Another example is business culture. In Europe, almost the entire business culture is coming from America. American business terms like “CEO”, “CTO”, “CSO”, “crunch”, “ROI”, “AHT”, “agile”, “scrum” and many many others are used in Europe in plain English, not even translated to one’s own language. That’s because the business culture here is replicating American business culture.

That’s why it does not matter at all, if contributors are living in Europe. Europeans are replicating American culture and most don’t even know it.

Same with the topic at hand, called NSFW. That is something that America has preached to us for decades (for example through American media, like tv shows, movies, etc.) and now you and others think, that that is normal, just because American culture is around every corner within Europe.
No, it’s not normal for us. It’s coming from America, not from here.

Hans, you probably know that the east-side of your country was many decades famous for its nude beaches. That was perfectly normal. You could take pictures, etc. all was fine.
Now, NSFW culture slaves would scream “OMG OMG” and complain about the “missing” NSFW tag, report the post and go back to their echo chambers on social media.

Can we make this please less a discussion about moral values and more about How do we implement this?


As I see it there are 4 options:

  • a separate NSFW repository
  • introducing a NSFW metadata flag
  • adding a NSFW category that is hidden by default
  • making it an anti-feature thats hidden by default

I don’t think it’s an anti-feature and I don’t think that a new field in the meta data is necessary for this. While a separate repository would be clean, I think it could just be a category that is disabled by default. This could also be extended later to hide specific categories the user doesn’t want to see.


IMO, 3rd option of having a separate category for NSFW contents would be a good option.


We’ve already discussed NSFW categories and the like. We already have repositories, and that is a nice, neat border. I think NSFW should be implemented as a separate repo.


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