Add Telegraher to F-droid

Would it be possible to add this app on f-droid ?

Telegraher - Github

Telegraher - releases


No one gets to decide what i run on my device
No one gets to decide where i run my app
No one gets to decide what must be deleted

This is my device so i control it :sunglasses:

This app have nothing with privacy, it’s remotely controlled. It’s pissing me off, so i changed that.

I took an original Telegram client from “official” repo and made my own theme park with blackjack and hoookers.


Imagine being so much in denial that you remove so much “$hit” and still think it’s a good messaging platform :person_shrugging:

@Albert201314 did you read this thread yet? TODO ideas/requests from TG/4pda/folksinperson · Issue #17 · nikitasius/Telegraher · GitHub

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bruh, i remove the shit to make it better. Thats simple. It doesn’t change the platform, but it change user experience.

I don’t think it’s really nice to attack a developer for having their own preferences as to what makes a chat app good? Just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s not useful for others…


I appreciate the direct and to the point language. Politicians are polite and non “attacking” in language, but difficult to understand, and always taking your money by force, or implied force if you don’t pay.

Telegraher is not made by politicians, it’s opensource and free. If you appreciate the force, i could add kind of BDSM features in. Need to make a list, which ones: “force disconnect”, “reply after 3 clicks” or “randomly deleted messages”. Lets think together, write me here.

About criticism - it’s opensource. Thats simple: you don’t like something - make it better :slight_smile:
If you can’t make it better, explain your position in public issue or on any public platform. Then if noone accept your ideas… well, just deal with this, you’re an adult, learn the language and change the world.

Btw, some important point: the great Telegraher dev continue to develop this fork cause he don’t care what other people say :sunglasses:


It uses Telegram, a proprietary, non-free network service? For me that is end of discussion. Development is on Microsoft’s proprietary Github? For me that is another end of discussion.

As Licaon said, you can’t fix a $hit platform with an open source client.

May I suggest XMPP for a more open source solution?

Have fun! :laughing:

Yep, is uses Telegram, you’re noticed it finally? :rofl:

About what Lica said i personally don’t care cause simply you’re also don’t care what i’m saying. It’s kind of discussion with blind and deaf.

you cannot fix the shit platform

i fix the user experience


Next about github: i hate gitlab & bitbucket UI and github offer more features for fluid dev. Like i use debian11 for dev purposes & i edit my photos under windows10. I don’t search for silverbullet. Go for strict opensource it’s like go vegan. Man, best experience & fun you get with different food, just choose it wisely. So i use the best instruments for the stuff i need to do. That comes with experience.

XMPP - thats ugly af. I’m not looking for a replacement for TG for all my contacts (fun & work) :slight_smile:

So, Telegraher it’s opensource messenger for Telegram, cause i still use telegram. It’s made to make my experience better (i hate TG vanilla flow), and annoy the tg, the fanboys and other folks also.
When all my contacts will leave the TG i will switch TG to Signal or Matrix or anything else what could be fine for me and fork it also if i don’t like something. I do that cause i can, and you don’t do that cause you can’t :beers:

Btw, @Albert201314 it will move on fdroid when i will clean well 8.8.5.

I still wanna read more about fdroid flow and building. Personally i find using fdroid resources for building 8 apks a bit abusive. So i wanna look also about having own repo synced with github CI/CD (when apks are build on free github resources) and synced with a repo and this repo simply added to fdroid (if that’s possible).
Also i will change signature for app, actually it use public and simple dev keys. So everyone can make malicious APKs and share it for everyone and Android will accept it.

so in short i need:

  • clean 8.8.5
  • rtfm about fdroid repos

Notice that I didn’t call it like that, just quoting your readme. That was the “shock”.

Funny that the stuff you clean up are called the “epitome of modern messengers”, which has it’s apex in “siloed services (eg. no federation, closed source server)”, “forced features (eg. remote deletion)”, “single account tied to a real life token (eg. SIM card)” and “lies (eg. encrypted messenger but 99% don’t know what a secret chat is and groups are never encrypted)”.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find it funny that Telegram (and it’s forked clients) are in F-Droid while the security theater tweeter unicorn (ahem-signal-ahem) it is not.

Snikket? Monal? Conversation? Which one? :smiley:


Why 8? What’s the deal with sdk23? How may downloads do you get for x86* builds these days?

I still find it funny that Telegram (and it’s forked clients) are in F-Droid while the security theater tweeter unicorn (ahem-signal-ahem) it is not.

Just wipe them all, bruh. C’mon do it! FB want to wipe altclients for FB & Insta. If if they can’t do that from an outside, just kill it from inside. Be like these capitalists and make their dream come true :rofl: :rofl:
Keep only the foss apps for the foss services :sunglasses:

XMPP - ugly af as is.

Why 8? What’s the deal with sdk23? How may downloads do you get for x86* builds these days?

i don’t care seriously. People use what they wanna to use. I don’t wanna be like most of devs and lock on mobile platforms only. Also i disabled emulator detect, so people can install x86 builds on emulators and do whatever they wanna do. To build these 8 apk cost for me nothing. And if i move on fdroid and fdroid says “you can’t build these 8 apks here” i will tell them “mmokay” and i will use my own repo and apks still built on github using the githubactions with my own keys.

Difference between you and me is that i literally don’t care what and how people are thinking. Whats trending, whats not… why 8 apks, why telegram…
I just improve that app and remove the shit which annoying me.

Btw, folks, due cleaned xml permission files i removed sdk23 (no need anymore).
but arm7, arm8, x86 & x86_64 will be built always (4 apks instead of 8) :sunglasses:

How close are you to Telegram-FOSS (clean up/replacement of non-FOSS libs)?

it still keep google vision. You can check the gradle, branch noshit_8.8.5

Baby steps, once you nuke that too it will be ready for F-Droid, if you want it here.

@Licaon_Kter hi, i wiped out gvision, but i think i will go with @Izzy 's repo:

  • apks are directlt picked from github ci/cd or the cd/cd where izzy’s repo is pointing
  • my signatures, so apks can be installed from github or from fdroid (via Izzy’s repo)

So in my case i will improve the readme (shorter + better) and i will check if github will be able to make 1 release with 4 apks inside (before it’s failed but for 8 due limitations for github’s CI/CD, 6h max).

As you see fit, but iirc Izzy only hosts 1 apk, armv7. That policy changed?

idk, thats what i’d like to know from Izzy also. I shared a bit bigger text on github to get his comments.

Also it could be a bundle, just 1 apk with all architectures.
apk size is x2, but installed size +60Mb more.

The size limit maybe is the more crucial one here – even a single arch build exceeds 35M (while the limit with my repo is 30M per app). Which arch to pick is a separate question: yes, when in doubt I pick armv7 as it covers the biggest part of the device cake, but on request I could also make that armv8/64.