Acra tracker in many apps, even F-droid


Recently the app ClassyShark3xodus was updated and I see many apps with Acra tracker now. I suppose it’s about sending information to some server about the app when it crashes. So, it could be a lot of information, according to the server or tracker configuration.
And I see that F-droid app contains this tracker too.
Do you know something more about this tracker?


ACRA is an open-source crash reporting framework, not so much a tracker. (Crash reporters can be used for tracking though):

The configuration in F-Droid just pre-fills an email to send to the crash-reporting address when F-Droid client crashes. It never sends any data to any server unless the users sends that email.

Other apps might configure it differently so you’ll have to ask their respective developers.


Thanks a lot.
So, it could also serve to track the users in some apps (not F-droid) if the configuration is “agressive”.


Any app could find a way to track its users, even without a “crash reporting framework”.

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Of course!, but if it contains some code to track the users then it adds more.


Because? Any links for this on how adding Bugsnag or ACRA to get crash reports and improve an app suddenly makes a dev decide to start tracking users?


I’m not saying that. I just say that if the developer answer about it it could be fine, but otherwise it’s better if I don’t find that code and less if the app is not opensource. As f-droid and the other answers show. That’s why I mean you can’t always trust in it, not that it’s always bad.