35C3 CFP started


Deadline: 15. Oktober 2018 (23:59 UTC)

Who’ll be going? (I’m pretty sure I will)

Someone wants to do a talk?

Ping @uniqx

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I think this might be the year that I finally make it to CCC. It seems like having a talk about all the reproducible builds and signature tricks could be nice, a follow on to the repro-builds talk from a few years back.

Another possibility is talking about how F-Droid integrates all the possible distribution methods into a single ecosystem. @n8fr8

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@Bubu totally broke, can’t affort to go :frowning:

If there isn’t one already, we should propose a free software on mobile assembly. Or maybe more specific, like free software Android.

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Ticket Presale is now live: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/35c3/

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You mean: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/35c3/

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I like that idea and hope we can make that happen. I have casually reached out to the replicant IRC because we met them there last year. Who else to contact? Lineage maybe, microG… also maybe? Fairphone, probably. Briar. Other suggestions?

@anon99929151 are you aware of any fairphoners coming to 35C3?

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Nope. Haven’t heard anything.

I have a FP2 and will be going to 35c3


I’ll definitely be going to the 35C3 (like every year :slight_smile:)

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Call for assemblies here: https://events.ccc.de/2018/11/07/assemble-launch-go/

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I can offer to spend a couple hours at an assembly, and I’m sure I’d also drop by a lot.

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So what is the result of these discussions? Do you have a talk or an assembly, now?

@hans has a talk that will touch F-Droid related topics (don’t know the details). We won’t have an assembly this year but we’ll probably have one or several informal meetups. For specifics best follow the @fdroidorg mastodon account.

I think it would be great to have a little session to get app-developers and f-droid developers together. The self organized sessions are now open:



I would suggest Seminar room 14-15 and 1h - what do you think?


Awesome idea. I’ll try to register a session there!

We’ve got tomorrow 27th Dec. room 13 1400-1500

Eventpage: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2018/wiki/index.php/Session:F-Droid_Meetup

I was just reflecting back on the 35c3 (35th Chaos Communications Congress) and thinking about what an impressive event it is. A 16,000 person event that is almost entirely run by volunteers, including the organization. They get about 2000 volunteers in total. Plus it felt really well organized, with highly skilled talk moderators as well as real time translation into English, German, and French for all “official” talks. The videos for the talks are really well produced, with high sound quality, and all translations available. And people seem to actually watch them, there has been over 1000 views of my talk already. They are available on CCC’s site as video or audio; and on YouTube.

I think my talk when well, the room was 100% full with about 330 people in it. The audience seemed into it, and I got follow up questions after the thing was over. I ended up not going into detail, which I think was a mistake. I think the talk would have been better with a detailed section of how to work through all the nearby/offline issues in an app.

Then the whole event is the giant mix of a bunch of things that seem very unlikely in combination:

  • high profile IT and security talks attended by thousands
  • on site discos and parties
  • one whole wing devoted to children’s activities and events inter-
    mixed in the conference
  • Burning Man-like “art cars” of all sorts driving around, but small
    since it was indoors, and even a race track
  • all sorts of interactive art displays
  • a well respected opt-in photo/video policy
  • a huge amount of topical “assemblies” which vary from Burning Man-like
    tent villages to seas of tables full of hackers
  • a giant social event for introverts

There are also tons of free software projects and communities represented there. There was a self-organized F-Droid session on the first day, and a number of Android app authors attended, including: Conversations, OpenKeychain, NewPipe, Offis/Bitcoin Wallet, K-9, etc. There were lots of good discussions in that session, lead mostly by @bubu and @jochensp. My train was late, so I arrived to the session about halfway through.

I had a good talk with a Replicant developer about how to make a 100% free version of F-Droid for Replicant. That is summarized here:

Talks worth checking out:

Could anyone find the other F-Droid talks posted anywhere?


Here are the slides of one other f-droid talk: https://pretalx.35c3oio.freifunk.space/35c3oio/talk/UFZYAS/

Were there more?