35C3 CFP started



In the “How Facebook tracks you on Android” talk, one of the people
answering a question mentioned F-Droid’s privacy work. That could be
worth mentioning in an f-droid.org blog post.


@hans Saw you recorded talk, while the human stories where nice, I found it slim on tech, “mesh, bluetooth…and there’s the lib ayana (or whatever)…”, albeit it was almost one hour.


I can only agree with what @hans wrote about the congress, it was amazing for me to see all these things with that many people going that well while being completely run and organized by volunteers.

As a result of the congress, the only F-Droid related stuff I can add is my writeup at NewPipe’s issue tracker about a possibility for them to push urgent updates to users if F-Droid fails to build them in time. This came up in the F-Droid meetup at the first day.

In the developer chat I suggested to make a blog post about F-Droid’s experience at 35C3. @hans stated that other attendees should add their comments, which I did now, but since it’s not that much, I still don’t see an issue with that blog post mainly consisting of @hans’ post in this topic. It could have an introduction line like “F-Droid contributor _hc describes his experiences at 35C3” while still being titled “F-Droid’s experience at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany”.

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