"Your local weather-4.5.2" freezes my Phone

Your_local_Weather freezes my phone. Deleting the app works only with Adb_shell because after a reboot freezes again. The problem is that by default XPrivacyLua saves everything and Your_local_Weather can not handle it.

My Phone:
Leeco Le Max 2
LineageOS 15.1, without gapps, Google etc…

You mean you delete the app and it still freezes? Then why blaming YLW?

Try disabling Xposed then go further step by step

You misunderstood me.
Without YLW my phone runs smoothly. YLM and XPrivacyLua at the same time is the problem.
I do not see a problem with XPrivacyLua. It runs fine

But if you disable XPrivacyLua, what happens?

Hello …
XPrivacyLua works very well with all my apps. With YLW my phone is frozen several times. I uninstalled YLM because I did not want another total failure.

After XPrivacyLua found a new app (YLW) and activated the rules, my phone is frozen.
Without XPrivacyLua I did not test YLW. Sorry

Do test…else how could you know?

Okay, today I’ll test it again

I have tested it. It is not a XPrivacyLua problem. YLW freezes the phone completely even without XPrivacyLua. What could be the problem ?

LineageOS-15.1 (format and clean install)

YLW is a very modest app. It doesn’t do anything special. So this behaviour is kinda weird.

If you really want to dig in, get adb logcat during boot loop

You did read the issue upstream though? https://github.com/thuryn/your-local-weather/issues/84

Add your info there too, since they’re the ones fixing it.

thanks … this is bug in LineageOS-15.1
I don’t need to buy a new phone. I thought it would be broken. :grin:

In App Info enable all permissions (before first run) - fixes the problem and it doesn’t freeze

Merry Christmas

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