Yet Another Call Blocker flagged by Play Protect as harmful

Hi all!

Google Play Protect started to flag this as harmful. Despite that fdroid build the code from source and I’m sure there wouldn’t be a piece of hidden behavior in its code, if it is in fdroid.

I can see some other complains at

My question is how to make Google Play Protect aware of this false alarm? Having a harmful app make this device not certified, which means app like Google Wallet and banks app unable to run.


I have reported the app as PHA just now, in order for them to NOT categorize it as PHA. I don’t see another way to report as non PHA.
For the record, my text:

Please look at Yet Another Call Blocker flagged by Play Protect as harmful
I am reporting this app as NON harmful. NOT a PHA. I am using this app for years.
This app is builder from source at Fdroid (source Xynngh / YetAnotherCallBlocker · GitLab) and it’s goal is to precisely read call logs in order to block spam calls (like true filter, but with better privacy protection). Please change its current status from harmful to safe :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you get any update on it. I was checking on a gplay based phone and can see it is giving the same flag today too.

BTW, thanks for raising it there.

No update :confused: