Yalp store not able to get apps from play store

Im using Yalp store for the past six months to install apps from play store.Now when i click ‘chek for updates’ or search apps in Yalp it always saying ‘Network not available’.I tried all three versions available in F-Droid and play store version also in my tab and phone.Always the same ‘Network not available’.

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Which version of Yalp are you using?

I had the same issue with Yalp 0.40. Then I manually downloaded and installed version 0.41 from GitHub, the author - Yeriomin fixed that issue and everything work well.

  • Issue #447 fixing SSL handshake failure (no network connection).

Yalp 0.41 is now available in official F-Droid repo, you should update your app, it resolves the problem :wink:

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Thankyou so much for your replies.I came across two apps in Github, APKUpdater and Galaxy.Galaxy is a fork of Yalp store.Installed APKUpdater in my phone and Galaxy in my tab.Both apps are doing good.It will be nice to have these apps in F-Droid.

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Yalp 0.40.Tried the previous two versions avilable in F-Droid also.

Galaxy’s successor Aurora & APKUpdater are in @Izzy’s IzzyOnSoft repo.

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Galaxy won’t receive any updates anymore. Its author switched the package name to Aurora which, as @TPS already pointed out, is available via my repo (so you’d be notified about updates).

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Thankyou.I will add the repo.

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Thankyou.I added your repo.Uninstalled Galaxy.Installed Aurora.


On 9 Jun I installed 0.41 (downloaded from f-droid web page, I can’t use the f-droid app because my device is too old) and have this issue(s). Tonight I installed 0.42 (also downloaded from f-droid - is there any difference from the one on github aside from the signature?) and it has the same issue.

When I try to start it I immediately get the notice that it has crashed and it tries to gather the error report, asks me to describe the problem and brings up the keyboard to type in my comments, but keeps cycling between that and the message that " you can help by describing…" which is again replaced by the keyboard in a loop that runs a dozen or more times. It does not allow me to type anything before repeating the cycle which goes by too quickly to even see all of the error message.

I did get some progress - I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, then this time did NOT open the app immediately but instead rebooted one more time. Now when I open the app it shows me a list of installed apps and lets me adjust settings. Now when I try to update anything I am asked whether to use my google account or the built-in account. Either way I am immediately told “No network connection” even before I have time to select a choice, I have tried both choices but it is still always the same result. This too is the same for both versions 0.41 and 0.42.

My device is quite old, so much so that play store cannot run nor can its old browser even visit that page to manually download anything, that is why I wanted to use this app. Huawei Ideos U8150, it runs 2.2 FroYo in case that matters, I was hoping this app would work since so many others are not compatible. Wuijbfek’s solution of using APKUpdater won’t work for me as that needs at least 2.3 Gingerbread but my device is older.

Any suggestions?

Report this to YalpStore please: https://github.com/yeriomin/YalpStore/issues

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