Yalp store not able to get apps from play store


Im using Yalp store for the past six months to install apps from play store.Now when i click ‘chek for updates’ or search apps in Yalp it always saying ‘Network not available’.I tried all three versions available in F-Droid and play store version also in my tab and phone.Always the same ‘Network not available’.


Which version of Yalp are you using?

I had the same issue with Yalp 0.40. Then I manually downloaded and installed version 0.41 from GitHub, the author - Yeriomin fixed that issue and everything work well.

  • Issue #447 fixing SSL handshake failure (no network connection).


Yalp 0.41 is now available in official F-Droid repo, you should update your app, it resolves the problem :wink:


Thankyou so much for your replies.I came across two apps in Github, APKUpdater and Galaxy.Galaxy is a fork of Yalp store.Installed APKUpdater in my phone and Galaxy in my tab.Both apps are doing good.It will be nice to have these apps in F-Droid.


Yalp 0.40.Tried the previous two versions avilable in F-Droid also.


Galaxy’s successor Aurora & APKUpdater are in @Izzy’s IzzyOnSoft repo.


Galaxy won’t receive any updates anymore. Its author switched the package name to Aurora which, as @TPS already pointed out, is available via my repo (so you’d be notified about updates).


Thankyou.I will add the repo.


Thankyou.I added your repo.Uninstalled Galaxy.Installed Aurora.