Xz compression please

Hi there, first post here :smile:

I’d like to be able to compress xz archives on my phone, is that doable ?

I found this website : XZ Utils

Can I request the team to build it and make it available in the fdroid store ? :grin:

You can use Material Files. It can compress files into .tar.xz.

No. It’s not for android.

Termux has the package.

OK, thank you, I just installed Material Files but when I compress, it creates a zip file again :confused:

Have you tried selecting .tar.xz when creating the archive? Because
that’s one of the options besides .zip and .7z, at least on my install.

So I just took this screenshot :confused:

As you can see, no option at all…

But just now after switching to this Firefox window so I could upload the screenshot, I finally saw the options appear :question:

WTF is happening? :scream:

The adaptive UI. :person_shrugging: I thought you can scroll the dialog.

Yeah, turns out I can, although that wasn’t obvious at all, the dialog looks like it ends just as the first screenshot shows :person_shrugging:

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