XScreenSaver update stuck?

Feel free to become a maintainer of this app on F-Droid.

Could you point me to some instructions about F-Droid app maintenance?

Iā€™d recommend to:

  1. Build the current version locally to get the first impression of the whole process: https://f-droid.org/docs/Building_Applications/
  2. Read https://f-droid.org/docs/Build_Metadata_Reference/ to understand the metadata file.
  3. Compose a new build block and build it locally.
  4. Open a MR.
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@Licaon_Kter, yep, XScreenSaver has been updated to 5.45, hence the question: will it be updated automatically on F-Droid?

@relan, why XScreenSaver requires a maintainer?

All software requires a maintainer. :slight_smile:

JWZ, the dev, does not care about F-Droid so this is built from a fork that fixes some stuff iirc.

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