Would like to be able to use FireFox Send without sideloading

Looking for a way to get Firefox Send into the main repo or perhaps @rfc2822 could find a way to package this up in his repo.

Thank you.

Did you find https://gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/-/issues/936#note_165359658 yet ?

Nope. That’s a bummer.

If Firefox Send can’t be included, if

  1. it has the name “Firefox Send” and
  2. the app got changed (removing proprietary analytics)

and the problem could not be solved by removing part 2., why don’t remove part 1. and make a FLOSS fork rebranded to “Fennec Send” as we also have done with “Firefox”->“Fennec F-Droid”?
In the description of the app, we could call it an “Firefox Send compatible app” or something like that so it is clear that it is an app for the Firefox Send sevice.

Please post in that issue upstream.

Also, you can always fork, rename app and appid, remove analytics and try to submit that app, right?

I’ve posted the idea upstream.

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