Workaround for installing GmsCore ( directly alerts 'not installed' )

Yes sorry for not being clear but I ment to say it’s not gps that’s the problem since MicroG works with wi-fi and cell towers. They advice in the manual advises to set location on ‘anything but gps’.

Who? Why? What benefit?

Probably because the gps setting is only gps, and wifi and cell towers are needed to. Maybe also because gps can only be done through google servers. Not sure. Do you mean there is a way to use gps without google services?


GPS doesn’t use Google services or servers.

Wi-Fi and cell towers are not required, they are merely a nice to have for quickly determining location when indoors.

I also don’t understand why you’re running outdated, unsupported, and extremely insecure Android 8. You can be on Android 12.1 or 13 on the shift6mq.

Thanks for the feedback @SkewedZeppelin

I’m on shift5me, android 8.1 with latest security updates from last year. Shift mentioned they are working on 12 for this model, so that might come up later. I just really like this phone.

So if gps isn’T a gogle thing, how would you implement location services on this 8.1 without google services?

There was a small issue with updating it on LOS for microG ROM before, but none of the aforementioned ways from that link are working now, which is caused by signatures incompability (was fixed yesterday) or just some random error that says “Not installed”, when you try to update it from repository.
Yep, you probably can update it by downloading and installing an .apk from github or microG site, but it won’t update itself in /system/priv-app folder, bringing only additional bugs.

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So it’s fixed or not?

Pics of your repo order setup?

Pics of app details in F-Droid with Versions expanded?

Seems like it does, f-droid shows it just as regular update (before that it was warning about incompatible signature for some reason), but giving error “Not installed” every your try of updating it.


microG repo was deleted and then added back again to avoid showing it under the name “UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS)” instead of the “microG Services Core”, so it’s placed at first (at the bottom).


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And App Manager confirms the same signature?

Is that what you meant?


But here is more detailed info about installed version and .apk from github or microG site:



Hey thanks @Danko for joining! And yes, confirmed from me too that new repo still gives the same error. BUT are we sure the problem is signature? Because here they say the problem is about redirecting. (@Licaon_Kter is actually in this subject)

Ah, and @SkewedZeppelin , not sure if you read my question, but if gps isn’t a google thing, do you have an idea of how to implement location services on this 8.1 without google services? Would be great to have this since it’s the whole point of why I’ve opend this post. (edit: i think you might be refering to apps, which do work without google, but I am referring to browser/websites using gps/location, sorry for the inconvenience)

I seem to have misunderstood your first post. Sorry.

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Today’s morning the problem was finally (I’m not sure) gone and update works — those redirection in microG repo was temporarily disabled, as main developer said.

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Big thanks @Danko and @Licaon_Kter (and all the others)

Ah, and for those testing location in a browser, duckduckgo did not work (as nicely neglected in this post) but Fennec browser did work.

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I’ve just updated f-droid app from 1.15.6 to 1.16 and facing again probably those old annoying bug with signature incompability, but now it’s definitely on f-droid’s side, not on microg repo.
By the way, app can’t be downgraded back due to the “Error -25: new package has older version code than currently installed package”. But seems like it’s caused by LOS4microg ROM in my case, in which f-droid is preinstalled as a system app.

That’s an Android feature, not sure any ROM in the recent history allowed downgrades.

O.K. If so, but what’s the solution? wait for the new build of f-droid?

Picture App Manager Signature of the installed microg pls?