Wookey Wallet is a scam

Wookey Wallet (Unknown application) - https://f-droid.org/packages/io.wookey.wallet

This is a scam. Please remove.

Edit: I found out that the money you transfer there actually gets there, but it doesn’t show. So what you have to do is to restore the wallet in another app that works properly.

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First things first: Welcome to this forum :slight_smile:

Crypto currency wallets take some (a lot of) time to get the whole data necessary to be able to show how much money you have because often they have to scan the whole transaction history. Are you sure the wallets synchronization according to the used crypto currency is completed? Because new data is added continuously, the synchronization will never be 100.0%, but it should be near to it.

Depending on the used currency, there are also light clients which take less time and just asking other full nodes for the data they need. Sadly, I don’t know if Wookey is supporting this or what kind of settings are necessary for this because I’m not familiar with Monero/XMR supported by Wookey Wallet.

If you are interested you can find a lot of other satisfied users on this Telegram group: WooKey Wallet

Its true I got scammed too, please take action.

I did not restore the wallet in another app but contacted the Telegram group first where I was asked to show the 25 words. To which I thought they do not have the password so went and did it, however it seems that just the words are enough to get your money. Scam

I see in the other wallet I am using that Monero use a lot more time to sync up than Bitcoin. And since Wookey Wallet doesn’t display anything about the syncing process, and most probably doesn’t have background sync. It can actually be that the transferred money will show up, if you just leave it in foreground, with the screen on long enough for it to sync up completely.

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