Wish for internet-radio- and musicplayer-app

I have had a head unit in my RV for a couple of years. What I really want for it: an app for playing music and an internet radio app. Are there in the hundreds? Yes, but not a single music app shows the information “Title / Artist” in a size that I can read on a 7-inch display in landscape mode while driving. Not a single radio app shows me clearly which station is tuned in and which artist is playing which track.

Music players must definitely find an SD card as well and be able to use only one folder as a source for music. There are enough of them, but most of them shine with features that are not useful in the car. What am I supposed to do with album covers? Use the space for title information.

Transistor has an easy-to-read station list, but to play a station I have to tap exactly the “Play” symbol. Droidradio also has a clearly recognizable station list, but the station being played is hidden very small at the bottom. I have to tap for more information.


I forgot to mention, that Transistor an Radiodroid are only examples for what is IMHO wrong …

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