Wireguard app version

Any idea when this app will be updated on F-Droid?

It’s currently failing because of missing Gradle 6.2.2. It was added two weeks ago, we’re waiting when Ciaran pulls a new version of fdroidserver. This happens sporadically, so no ETA.

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WireGuard actually downgraded Gradle in order to get the new version build on F-Droid. WireGuard’s developer has quite some critique on having to do this:

"gradle: downgrade to 6.2.1 to deal with f-droid organizational mismanagement

The fdroidserver repo hardcodes hashes of all gradle versions that are allowed to be used. This is currently up to date, having 6.3. However, the f-droid build server is not up to date, because it is controlled by the founder of f-droid, who is generally unavailable and does not update it. Meanwhile other members of the project would like to stand up their own build server instance, but this seems potentially arduous and there’s still the question of the signing key. At least that’s the story I was able to glean from asking around.

So, in order to work around this organizational brokeness, we just downgrade to 6.2.1."

Source: https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-android/commit/?id=cd43444d1f10f7d6655abd08d945070ee24176f3

It wasn’t that great of a deal to begin with, and yes the server got updated after. :wink:

Nice :slight_smile: Got the updated version now.

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