WiFi Key View

I know that without root, apps can not read the stored Wi-Fi passwords on a phone. Using WiFiKeyShare I supply the app the password then I’m able to share it by QR Code or NFC.
I downloaded WiFi Key View… It promises to “display all the wireless passwords”. I was not thinking. A briefly displayed dialog told me that I did not have root. It would have saved me from an install-uninstall if root had been mentioned in the description.
I’m more aggravated with my own forgetfulness than I am about an app not warning about the need for root. I’ll be okay.

The description has it: Requires busybox and root access.


Though keep in mind that this app is moved to the archive as it’s not developed anymore and doesn’t work on newer Android versions.

Thanks for the reply. I turned the switch to see the archive. There are 2 such apps. The one I was referring to is not archive. The one archived does say BusyBox and root access.
I downloaded Monochromatic and, alas, it also requires root.

Not true… it requires ADB access via PC, for that one time command.

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