Why tell me fdroid that Wireguard has an other signature?

why tell me fdroid that Wireguard has an other signature anf could not update?


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Current behavior of Fdroid is not acceptable.
Such things should appear in Fdroid:

F-Droid publish this app with a new signature. Check this lnk why:

Statement from Fdroid:

Please uninstall WireGuard and reinstall it.

We’re aware the current state is not very user-friendly. We did tell the WireGuard developer that F-Droid has no way to tell users about signature switches currently, but he considered that to not be an issue and believed that the announcements he would make himself would be sufficient.

Improvements are welcome, we’re a small team of mostly volunteers, so we don’t have that many resources and can always use more help.


As long, you are aware about this Problem and you may have a development goal somewhere noted. I’m fine.
As long, you do not have a working solution, I would prefer that you made an announcement here in the Forum in such case.

Do I assume it right, that this case here has the same background?:

What’s the relation with RikkaApps exactly

Only my text about the reproducible build. As far, it seems that the problem appear after wireguard now also use reproducible builds.
So I assume that both cases have the same core problem.

My Question was, if you could agree with that or if I misunderstand something.

Unrelated issues…

As @TheLastProject said

The new Wireguard version seems having Problems with DNS.
I installed the new Version on two devices and on both DNS resolution not work anymore.

Could approve that the DNS from Wireguard with the old Signature works but the updated app not.

I uninstalled the new and reinstalled a old apk.


Thats the resolver code and


Unchanged in 3 years

So :woman_shrugging:

Did you ask the developer? WireGuard Info Page

/PS: the funny thing about reproducible builds is that F-Droid can just say “not our fault, it’s the same APK from the developer” :slight_smile:

I fully undersrand you. I don`t know whats the difference is. But,the old APK works, If you say that the app is not changes since three year - what seems strange on such a security app - then i do not have any problem with using old version of an app.

I did not say “the app” has not changed, but the DNS related code.

Now, upstream developers are really interested to offer them details about this issue, specially when “old apk works fine” so please take some time and open an issue in their tracker.

I studied the pages you linked but I did not found any clue how to open an Issue. I posted my case to the irc channel and had no reaction.

Using WireGuard
To post a message to all the list members, send email to wireguard@lists.zx2c4.com.

@ WireGuard Info Page

I’m not a developper and I do not planing follow the developing of wireguard. I only wished to rise one Issue. I also checked the Git that was linked but it seems only track the developing and no bug reports.

Yes, for the third time… you can report the bug through their preferred bug reporting portal: WireGuard Info Page

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