Why is NetGuard on f-droid?

NetGuard has non working features that require payment to turn them on including the basic firewall functions of allowing/blocking individual ip addresses. I don’t think it should be on f-droid.

Those are not reasons to not include it. It’s a FOSS app.

There are no “basic” features, maybe when you code your own you’ll decide what’s basic or not.

Also, you can always cram all the domains you (don’t) want in the hosts file, for free.

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“maybe when you code your own you’ll decide whats basic”.
Oh Please.
I don’t think I need to do that because what are considered today to be the standard or basic features of a firewall, like ip filtering, were defined by the community decades ago, probably while mommy was still changing your diapers and blocking basic functionality of an application of such that has expected functionality due to its type is not in the spirit of FOSS in my opinion. It would be like claiming a car is free to drive but then you find the steering wheel is locked making it unable to make turns until you pay a fee to unlock it.

Did NetGuard kick your dog? What’s the point of the rants here? Of this thread?

I’ve already answered the question, as ANY free open-source software, they can put in ads, they can ask for money to unlock features, and as long as they respect the FOSS licence IT’S OK.

Marcel (the dev) provides a lot of support ( https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-netguard-root-firewall-t3233012 ) for little gain, not sure where you live but he needs to eat too.

Also, the BASIC included features are enough for 99% of users, the other 1% can root and install AFWall+ if they don’t want to pay.

I’ll repeat: you can always cram all the domains you (don’t) want in the hosts file, for free.

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Dude,be honest and call this kind of crap what it IS. Shareware.

Guys, I’ll call this what it IS: you don’t understand the modern Free Software. It isn’t like the FOSS ten years ago. It’s different. But it IS the Free Software still.

No offence.

Guys, please be polite and respectful.

Software freedom and monetization are orthogonal things. NetGuard’s source code is free, it complies with F-Droid’s inclusion policy. If you don’t like that the author charges a fee for some functions you may:

  1. Use another firewall.
  2. Modify NetGuard’s source code to skip payment checks and use this custom version.

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