Why is my app missing from "Latest" listing in F-Droid's Android client

I am attaching 4 screenshots. The first two screenshots show the apps in “Latest” listing from last two repo updates. Third one shows the first app available from the second last update. Fourth one shows my app that was included in last repo update. I’m wondering that why an app, despite being updated, is missing from the latest listing? It used to show up in “Latest” section earlier, but I don’t remember exactly when it stopped.

I noticed that too with the last couple of updates (Arcticons icon pack).
Maybe it’s a bug in the system or something.

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A bug, or F-Droid is experimenting with pay for placement. Have you payed? :moneybag:

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I don’t think that’s the case.

(but i’m donating monthly for more than a year now :^)

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Hey @ashutosh,

It may sound silly, but it’s because you’re lacking a changelog in Fastlane.

Yes, that little thing pushes your app all the way to the bottom in the query that decides what to show in Latest:

Me and @Izzy have argued against this a lot, but we haven’t been able to convince @hans that a lack of Changelog in Fastlane data should not push an app all the way to the bottom of the list.

So well, that is the why.

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@TheLastProject Thanks for your explanation. I checked my repo, and it should have a fastlane structure unless I’m missing something.

Thanks for the response.

I haven’t missed a single changelog entry since version code 20 of my app. It used to show up in the “Latest” way well after it.

In Android client, the app is entirely missing from the categorised “Latest” listing as well (horizontal list under “Sports & Health”). But it shows up at the top when I view all packages from that category…?

Moreover, the FDroid website’s listing and Android client’s categorised listing are inconsistent.

My app is not in Latest too! (but there is a problem with the App icon (logo)!

Okay, that is really weird… the screenshot of Noice in the very first post doesn’t show a changelog entry which made me think it was that.

Then I’m really not sure, maybe it’s a bug? Try reporting it on https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/-/issues? :frowning:

Hmm no this also looks correct to me :frowning:

I think I fixed it today, I only had a metadata folder, but now I have fastlane/metadata/android,
I hope that works :^)

Hi @TheLastProject.

Could missing ‘featureGraphic’ and/or ‘icon’ in non-default locales (other than en-US) be the cause? I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s the only thing that could be at fault in Noice’s metadata. A few locales are missing these particular assets.

Edit: Filed an issue in the client’s git repo here.

As Sylvia said, we had some arguments here.

I never remember the exact rules, but from what I remember, the criteria should be met:

  • has summary & description (via Fastlane)
  • has localized data for at least one more language (please check if the language set on your device is among those – if it’s not, that would most likely be the reason; IIRC this quite “top-level-rule” was bound to the device’s language, i.e. “has localized data meeting the user/device language”)
  • has at least one graphics file (yes: icon, featureGraphic, screenshots are there at least for en-US)
  • last order criterium: was updated recently (yes, last tag was 11 days ago – I didn’t check now which one was the last we built)

And yes, we also had some argument on the name “Latest”…

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The basic idea is that if the app developer does not communicate what is new
about the release, then it doesn’t need to be featured in Latest. The Latest
Tab is about communications. You can always get pure listing from other views.

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@TheLastProject @Izzy I agree with @hans’ stance.

Sadly, it still doesn’t help my situation. In my case, changelogs are present, and metadata seems to be correct. But the app still won’t show up in the “Latest” section.

Things that make a user :exploding_head: . I Assumed Latest was simply a list of all apps in chronological order of… latest … release.

Other views = Categories? Good for looking for particular purpose, but usually no fun to scroll through, sideways in who knows what order. Then vertical by chronological order of… latest release?

BTW, Thanks for the (cough) Latest, 1.13.1 F-Droid!

Slightly different topic, but what would be the best way to configure multiple flavors (or variants) with the fastlane structure?

Use the “Search” FAB (Floating action button) at the Latest tab and do not type in any characters.

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OK workaround, except very annoying how keyboard keeps popping up every time you look at an app details then go back.

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After my recent update of app icon to my related app (I removed the transparency), nothing changes!
The app is still not in Latest and Categories.
The app icon is not displayed.

Fastlane has probably changed or his structure or your algorithms to include an app in Latest and Categories.

Please give me a feedback asap, I don’t know what to do.
@IzzySoft @eighthave

The Fastlane structure was OK in the past!