Why does the F-Droid website nearly always host an outdated F-Droid apk?


Issue: The main website, https://f-droid.org/ , nearly always host an outdated F-Droid version. When you install F-Droid, then the first thing it pops up is the update for F-Droid itself.

This does not make any sense. Why should people waste their data line to download a apk twice? When you download once the apk from the F-Droid store, then this apk should be the most recent one.


Stability reasons, eg. not push new users to use the latest versions.


That also does not make sense for me. The users get at first start from F-Droid the message, that they should update to the latest F-Droid version. Then the normal user do so.
ALL F-Droid users are “pushed(to use your words)” to the latest F-Droid version by making this version “recommended”.
Of course i am not talking here to provide to the F-Droid users the alpha/beta versions that also does not get the recommended flag in F-Droid. I talk here that the version with the recommended flag should always be the version you download when you press the download button on the main site. Then you dont have to update F-Droid itself after the first start of F-Droid.

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If you’d like to see this change, we welcome contributions. In this case, the biggest need is lots of testing of initial F-Droid installs on a wide variety of devices and Android versions.


Lets start that initiative. Alfa and testing clients, with debugging in it. I’d additionally gladly give away some user metrics to avoid having to explain why upgrading F-Droid from within F-Droid makes sense, right out of the box.

That and the undisclosed warning of third party apps that is sprung upon the user is not really all that good publicity.

If not using the client to upgrade the client right away, that sends the message of not upgrading right away. Especially not upgrading right away when there in an F-Droid upgrade is very Windows.

I can just see people loose confidence in what I spend time explaining as a good idea when that takes place. It isn’t like they don’t want to use it, but they feel like they need an admin to do so, is what I am thinking.

Like the Windows mentality of lets not touch anything, because things appear flaky.

Not upgrading right away, when there is an upgrade, sends the message of that being fine. When that upgrade is F-Droid itself, letting it sit there is very Windows-like.

Most of the time novice users therefore do end up on the latest client, only with an upgrade in between. They could uninstall, and roll back by installing the website version, but that seems unplausible (?)


But the app (F-Droid) is been already tested. That is why it get the “recommended” flag after its been named Alpha before.
Or did i misunderstood some of the F-Droid idea? Because like @kingu wrote “They could uninstall, and roll back by installing the website version, but that seems unplausible (?)”.

When a user REALLY needs an outdated version, then at the moment he have no clue out of the APK file naming what version he have installed (the file from the main site is just named https://f-droid.org/FDroid.apk ). He have to look in the APK itself but when he cant install it, he have to really know what he is doing.
When you do the change i talked about, then its simple to know what version you have. You just check in your download directory the date you have download the file. Then you go to https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid and check the release date. Done. You know what F-Droid APK version you have.
Example: You had download a F-Droid APK on 2018-09-25. You check https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid/ . You see it have to be F-Droid version 1.4 because 1.5 was released 2018-12-27 .
In F-Droid itself you also can jump many versions back if you have to.

I really think the annoying of nearly 100% of the users to force them to update F-Droid just after installation of F-Droid all the time is not valuable over the maybe this one single user who have to be pointed at https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid/ to download an older version and test if the older version fixes his issue. You also just want this one single user who have the problem to contact you so that you know there is a issue.


We all agree that having an older version on the download button is not
ideal. I think there is 100% consensus on that. Unfortunately, there
isn’t much testing of fresh installs, that’s the issue here.

What needs to happen is someone needs to actually do the testing of the
new releases on fresh installs across a wide variety of Android versions
and devices. Making the change to the website via merge request is a
one line change.

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