Why does OpenLauncher use hastebin?

I’ve been using OpenLauncher for half a year and discovered it has a double tap feature to lock the screen, which requires enabling system setting

Since there are some risks with enabling system setting, I used virustotal to scan it and it shows an url about hastebin:

I searched the codes and found it here: (line 505)
Codes about hastebin: (line 493-514)

It says, “Share given text on a hastebin compatible server.”

What does it mean? What information does it share?
(I know nothing about codes)

The odd thing is that if you grab the function name (pasteOnHastebin) and search through the whole codebase, it only appears once: at that function definition:

$ grep -ri "pasteOnHastebin" *
app/src/main/java/net/gsantner/opoc/util/ShareUtil.java:    public void pasteOnHastebin(final String text, final Callback.a2<Boolean, String> callback, final String... serverOrNothing) {

It looks to me like there used to be a feature using this piece of code, but that feature got removed and currently this feature is never called again.

It may be worth reporting this to the OpenLauncher team on Issues · OpenLauncherTeam/openlauncher · GitHub so they can clean up this code.


It was added in 6e105d21d358ba4b93c395737dae5c274fea4efd and never used

git log -S astebin --source --all
commit 6e105d21d358ba4b93c395737dae5c274fea4efd refs/tags/v0.6.0
Author: -snip-
Date:   Mon Apr 23 00:29:29 2018 +0200

    Use gsantner/opoc/MoreInfoFragment

Thanks for explaining!

From my research pastebin might be associated with some malicious purposes in some cases.
What might an app use pastebin for?

Also what does Line 443 mean? It says,
“Replace (primary) clipboard contents with given {@code text}”

Most commonly to give users an easy way to upload debug logs to share with the developers.

Seems to put text in the clipboard. I don’t know what it’s for, I don’t use OpenLauncher, but given it’s in a file named ShareUtil it’s probably part of some kind of sharing system in the app.


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