Why does F-Droid recommend Aurora Store 4.3.4 over 4.3.5?

Aurora Store 4.3.4 introduced a horrible bug (it literally would not install any apps), which an emergency release (4.3.5) fixed just hours later. Yet the F-Droid app, as confirmed on the F-Droid Aurora Store web page ( Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository ), continues to suggest 4.3.4. Why? I wasted hours of time tracking this down, when I could have had a working version (4.3.5) almost a week ago.

Because when they submitted the new version they did not increase the suggested versions: Update AuroraStore to 4.3.5(53) (7f8f92d6) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

eg. Update AuroraStore to 4.3.4(52) (8eba3749) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab


Why waste time instead of just asking the developers Issues · Aurora OSS / AuroraStore · GitLab

I would have asked something like: “If last update is buggy, why keep it as recommended instead of this fixed version?” but you can formulate it better I guess :person_shrugging:


I didn’t know that the app developers controlled that. Thank you for explaining it to me.

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They can, funny enough they now control it because “newest” version was published in the past and THAT was buggy, so they want more testing before promoting it to recommended.

The suggested version has been bumped. You’ll get this update after 2 index updates.


What does “2 index updates” mean?

You received an index update today, yes?

Well, F-Droid servers will build some more apps next, then you’ll get another index update (first)

Then repeat, more apps, then another index update (second)

It will take at least one week :wink:

Does some schedule exist, or does something else determine the pace of index updates?

Since a change in the suggested version doesn’t require building anything, why does it take two index updates (instead of one)?

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The cycle never stop… if it’s a new app or an update or anything changed, the metadata will get processed and applied as it was picked up when it started:

eg. current cycle running - F-Droid Monitor “start time 2023-10-24 10:58:10UTC” runs with “fdroiddata version: fdroiddata@b55ab26f and if you go to this metadata version of this app you’ll see: metadata/com.aurora.store.yml · b55ab26fca99b56e2b093c521233d2189604a0e0 · F-Droid / Data · GitLab the old version still.

ref: FAQ · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab

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I filed that issue. Again, 4.3.4 had an bug that actually prevented the installation of any apps, and 4.3.5 served as an emergency release to fix that issue. The Aurora Store developers obviously should have marked 4.3.5 as the suggested version immediately.

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