Why Barinsta don't work and tell me i'm not connected, but I'm connected?

Hi !

I use NextDNS filter, but Instagram is not blocked…
What happens with my POCO X5 PRO 5G ?


Barinsta might not work indeed… the dev got a letter from Facebook even, to take the app down…

I was a Barinsta user, and this is the letter:
barinsta-letter.pdf.zip (126.8 KB)

The "funny’ thing is that I wanted to close my Instagram account after having discovered these Instagram practices, but I’m unable to reset my Instagram password to login and do so…

i’ve choose “instander”

Can you post a link, please? I couldn’t find it.

I confess I didn’t spend hours to find one, but does anyone find any license term and/or privacy policy for Instander?

looks absolutely proprietary

That’s what I feared after my quick search. One of the few things that made me doubt is their acceptance of donations. But hey, who knows what Microsoft and Apple are going to invent in the future…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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