Why as XprivacyLua been removed from F-droid?

I was setting a new phone and searching XprivacyLua in F-droid but curiously it could’nt been found.
I done some web search and the F-droid XprivacyLua page returns a 404 error.
When browsing internet archive cache, I could found the page (from two month ago) : XPrivacyLua | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Why as XprivacyLua been removed from F-droid repository and pages?
Are there any concern that suggest this app shouldn’t be used anymore?
Is there anything that talk about this removal? If no, why?

Thank you mutch

It was moved to the archived repo, because upstream does not longer maintain it, see the corresponding commit

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Side note: You can still get apps from the archive if you go to Settings → Repositories and enable “F-Droid Archive” in the list. But because of the size of the archive (costs more storage space) and the fact most users prefer more up-to-date and actively maintained apps it is disabled by default.


Thank you, So I will install it from LSPosed repository instead :slight_smile:

Oh thank you, so is it better to install it from F-droid archive repository than from LSPosed repository?

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