Why aren't the LineageOS or GrapheneOS apps available on F-Droid?


I’m trying to understand the ecosystem.
I run a stock Android but would like to install some LineageOS and GrapheneOS apps such as Jelly (https://github.com/LineageOS/android_packages_apps_Jelly) or Vanadium (https://github.com/GrapheneOS/Vanadium) but was surprised not to find them on the main F-Droid repo.
So I search for separate repos maintained by LineageOS and GrapheneOS but couldn’t find any !

I’m sincerly trying to make sense of the ecosystem, why don’t they publish their app through F-Droid?

They are system apps and I doubt if we can build them. It makes no sense to use Vanadium on other ROM. You should use Bromite instead. But we don’t have it either because we are not capable to build it.

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I see… many thanks !

IMO, Graphene (Micay) has never been one to “collaborate” with other projects much, but, back in the Copperhead era, they included F-Droid and privileged extension. (https://grapheneos.org/history/legacy-changelog)

Graphene (Micay) has no problems with proprietary apps, but currently leaves it to users to install app stores of their choice, including Google Play. (https://grapheneos.org/usage#sandboxed-google-play)

GrapheneOS is also working on designing and implementing a first party app update system for a first party repository with higher robustness and security than the existing options. (https://grapheneos.org/faq#bundled-apps)

You could look at DivestOS. The developer seems more principled regarding F/LOSS, includes their own webview and bundles mostly AOSP/LineageOS apps, puts some apps into F-Droid, and runs their own F-Droid repo as well.

Edit, Adding: Here are a few apps related to LineageOS in F-Droid. Maybe there are more, but the search… could be improved. :laughing: (https://search.f-droid.org/?q=lineageos&lang=en)


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