Why apps with same version number twice in app store?

Hi community,
is there anybody other able to explain me, why regularly there are apps in the F-Droid repository that appear twice with the same version number?

Example: The Element app. Among its recent versions there are twice v1.6.5 and twice v1.6.3. Why is that? In its Github the app does not appear with different minor versions for v1.6.5 and v1.6.3 neither.

Any idea why? Thanks in advance.

The versions are architectural based. Example arm64-v8a & armeabi-v7a.
You can change the display of non compatible in the settings.

Click on the arrow on the right against the versions and it will show you the arc.

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Thanks for your answer.
Still not sure whether I understand. From user perspective it still looks like a just slightly newer version from the same date with the same version number.

If you see in my snap, there are 2 versions. You are not able to view full text due to smaller screen. Try and rotate the screen and see. But this is what the difference is.

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I still wonder why I get both proposed.
I have an ARM64-device and previously apps as ARM64 installed. I’d honestly prefer not to see the other one here. But this is probably not an issue for the forum but for a feature proposal in the github…

Thanks a lot anyway for the explanations.

Though agreed. Not sure why both are showing to you. Yeah, raise with team on Gitlab.

They are AFAIK both shown, because in theory you could also run the armv7 version on a armv8 device, thanks to backwards compatibility

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Sure I understand that, but from user perspective this is - as it works right now - more confusing than helpful.


No, to see the arch you need to enable Expert in Settings

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Why? If you just hit the install button, the client itself should be smart enough to install the correct version for your device.

The detailed version thing is AFAIK only meant for advanced users who know what architecture they need.


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