Why amaze is not updated in fdroid

Amaze is a good file manager with many features.

I see latest fdroid release is v 3.1.2 rc1 and tagged with anti features “source code is no longer available…”

But i see their github is lively and going fine with v 3.6.1 and future version in progress, latest release on jun 17 2021

Is this a misinformation ? Should amaze get back then ?

That topic has long been covered at the Amaze github you linked. That would’ve been the first place to search. See this issue.

You can get recent versions if you use the IzzyOnDroid repo.

You can bring a clean Amaze to F-Droid by removing cloudrail. It’s doable but a little complex. I tried but then gave up because we have MaterialFiles.


thanks for the info and material files recommendation

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