Who uses Fennec on an Intel-based device?

Currently we at F-Droid build Fennec for three hardware platforms: ARMv7, x86 (Intel) and ARMv8. There are a lot of people with 32-bit and 64-bit ARM devices around, but are there any with Intel-based ones? Intel Atoms could be seen, for example, in Asus Zenfone 2 line (from 2015) and cheap noname tablets.

If you use Fennec on an Intel (x86) phone or tablet, please leave a comment. If noone needs x86 version, we’ll drop it.

P.S. The question is about x86 only. We will continue to build Fennec for ARM (both 32- and 64-bit variants) by all means.


I tooted this: https://mastodon.technology/@fdroidorg/102112813668837784

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There was a suggestion that the x86 build might be relevant to people wanting to run foss android on a desktop PC. (via anbox for example.)

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I have an x86 phone, but it is only a secondary device I use mostly for testing.

Can anybody find a list of devices that use x86?
I believe most F-Droid users won’t know what kind of architecture their device is based on or where to find out.

Fennec is the most advanced browser on android-x86 laptop OS. Please don’t vanish.

We’ve got responses from people who actually use Fennec on Intel-based devices, so we’ll continue to build it for x86. Thanks everyone!


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