Who ships F-Droid? (ROMs, phones, repos, forks, etc.)

Of course F-Droid is available for download on https://f-droid.org. However, I was trying to find lists of Android ROMs which come with F-Droid built-in. I couldn’t find any so I thought let’s start one here:

:warning: WARNING: These are not endorsements! It’s just a collection of links. To be safe, treat everything listed here as highly suspicious.

F-Droid preinstalled ROMs:

Privileged Extension only:

Forks / Rebanded F-Droid:

If you know any I’ve missed please post them here and make sure to ping me. I’d like to keep the original post updated.

I’d also be interested in any 3rd party repos/stores which ship F-Droid. I’m not aware of any at the moment though.






Official unmodified copies of F-Droid:

  • DivestOS
  • LineageOS for microG
  • RattlesnakeOS

CalyxOS maintains their fork of fdroidclient here: https://gitlab.com/CalyxOS/platform_external_fdroid_fdroidclient


Shift is a german company that builds modular phones. They provide an official Google-less ROM with F-Droid + privileged extenison included. It’s called ShiftOS-L.


Is this F/LOSS? If so, where are sources?

I don’t really know, sorry.


Is this F/LOSS? If so, where are sources?

It is LineageOS based iirc. And they usually upstream their changes.



Does anything like this exist in the US? What an awesome idea! Love Calyx but hate buying Google hardware.

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I heard you can buy a shiftphone with ShiftOS, which includes the GoogleApps. Then you have to register as a beta tester and you can download ShiftOS L, which is without GoogleApps. Then you have to install it anyhow.

I think you can buy a smartphone with /e/ OS in the USA. /e/ OS is a fork of LineageOS for MicroG (L4M).

Greets, wowi63

links including commercial e sales website

Thanks for the spam links.

E does not ship F-Droid. Their app store is a ripoff site, not a fork or repo. And it includes mostly proprietary apps from play store.


Please excuse me. You are right, /e OS doesn’t ship f-droid.

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Well their app store is not a re-branded f-droid app store but it does supply apps from the f-droid via cleanapk.

Their app store does not directly pull apps from the Google Play Store. It uses https://info.cleanapk.org/
This is a lot worse because anyone can submit apks

Their app store is open source and code is found at: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/apps

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That app and source is for accessing the dirty, proprietary “clean” apk store. APIs are available, but not source for the store. If that app were submitted to F-Droid, it would be tagged with anti-feature “promotes non-free network services” at least.


That’s the thing that I don’t like about this app store, that anyone can send an app for them to put into the cleanapk repo. And then they scan it. That’s why f-droid is so good!


@uniqx , IMO it would be better to put CopperheadOS in a separate category because of their proprietary/closed-source licensing for their ROM.

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@uniqx , Another ROM with bundled F-Droid: LeOS https://leos-gsi.de/

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Sad the sources for https://github.com/LeOS-GSI seem to be awful sparse
(ie. missing).

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After talking through an intermediary, it seems the LeOS sources will be published soon here:

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Yes. I found that too. A decent degoogled GSI with a very helpful dev