Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Dev

Hello Everyone My Name Is Arif Patel From Dubai, I Recently Start My Career As A Devoloper At Preston. Please Suggest Me Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Mee…

Thank You!!!

Which Linux distro do you like?

Depends on what you’re developing. If you’re doing simple javascript + html, then you don’t need a strong one. If you’re developing a big C++ project(with jetbrains IDE), where you’ll be compiling the code 100x a day, then investing in a stronger laptop might be a good idea…

If you want external monitors, you should get one with a dedicated GPU, if you don’t plan on attaching monitors to it, get one without a GPU, because you’ll get a bit longer battery time.
Needless to say, if you don’t get a gpu, you won’t be playing any games.

Get at least 16GB of ram.(ram is actually the most important thing in development. If you get a weak cpu, you’ll just have to wait longer for a task to finish. If you don’t get enough ram, your task will crash your ide, and then terminate itself)

Don’t buy nvidia if you plan to use linux.

Don’t buy broadcom wireless chipset if you want linux.
I consider 1200e to be a pretty high end laptop

If I had money, I would buy something like this

But, I would make sure that they had an free slot for ram, so that I can later add another 16GB. The one on the link doesn’t


Have you looked at a laptop called Framework? You can build it to fit your needs and it is repairable.

for dev work just get a laptop with linux or mac is a good option
if you want go with system76 or framework laptops btw for compile i find having more cores and ram is good 16optimal.
i use a dell xps dev edition system comes with ubuntu it depends on where you leave but dubai is good place so you should find one that is outof the box with linux system76 is also good.
and dedicated linux systems are wayto go i find easier for me i have a mac but not with m1 or m2 but canbe considered one asahi is stable.
for distro it is on you i have used fedora ubuntu and pop arch centos.
if your company works with redhat or suse you need to be with fedora or like systems if ubuntu then use ubuntu.

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