Which browser would you recommend?



Which browser would you recommend for a phone without google play store (LineageOS), in terms of usability, security and update stability?

So far I’ve tried the following browsers:

  1. Firefox from F-Droid (dropped)
  2. Fennec from F-Droid (moved to archive later)
  3. Icecat from F-Droid (which has some rendering problems even when libreJS is deativated)


It’s back to the main repo now.


Is fennec now a stable version?

I use firefox from playstore (download with Yalp)


Is fennec now a stable version?


I use firefox from playstore (download with Yalp)

You can use this F-Droid repo: https://gitlab.com/rfc2822/fdroid-firefox


I used IceCat for a long time and now using Fennec. Quite happy with
both… and both have Firefox Sync. Though both are memory hungry.


I used Lightning for a long time, but at the moment I’m pretty happy with Fennec F-Droid due to the great work of our maintainers :muscle:
Firefox Klar is another option to mention here.


I used Bromite (https://github.com/bromite/bromite/releases , https://www.bromite.org),Chromium based browser whith ad blocker and video and audio codecs enabled(https://html5test.com).


I used Browser (long brainstorm to name it) and is nice.
WebView, tabs (only 5), but no notifications.

ah! there is also Klar and their instant cache wiping :sunglasses:


I would recommend you take a look at Privacy Browser, although I must admit that I’m a little biased because I am the developer.


I use Firefox with the help of FFUpdater from F-Droid which downloads the latest Firefox version corresponding to my device. I tried Fennec for a while, but had some videos issues.
Updates are not automatic, have to run FFUpdater, but nice enough so far.


should try dolphin, with flash support


I like Warp browser :slight_smile:


Seriously, you got two options to choose of:

  1. Firefox v57 (Syncs Desktop <-> Mobile and supports extensions e.g. uBlock Origin)
  2. Lightening (If you don’t want any sync functionality) <- This browser I use when I’m not sure about what web site I’m heading to, because I hardened it, no js, no web fonts, ad block, etc… Plus it’s a smart browser, would ask you if you like to use tor.
    Last thing to mention, is Orfox browser. good to have if you’re located in censored places.


Lightning is a very good browser, but by default it exposes a very detailed user agent string, making fingerprinting easy. I’d recommend to change it in the settings.

Privacy Browser is a good option for privacy-concerned users because it has safe defaults.


You can try Lightning web browser. It is a good service