Which browser app for local file access?

is there a way to open and view local html-files on my device? I need it to open a html spare part catalogue.
Every browser I tried has no permission to access the memory.
Until now I used IceCatMobile which is the only browser with this permission so far I know. But IceCatMobile seems to be very unsecure since there were no updates for several years.

The only things that work on my devices is the HTML Viewer and the browser that comes with LineageOS. Select the file in a file manager, then select “open with”, then select either “HTML Viewer” or “Browser”.

The mention of LOS’ browser reminded me of this one which may do what is needed. Maybe.

jQuarks viewer (LineageOS Jelly browser +adsBlocker +tiles +offline_.mht +…)

Tests on my device show that almost any browser can be used to open local html files, by using a file manager.
On crDroid, the default Files will offer up any Chromium-based browser. With MiXplorer I’m offered up a wider selection. And they all open/read the files without issue.
Testing with a site I had locally downloaded each browser worked following all the links located in various subdirectories from the top-level index.

EDIT: Regarding jQuarks, it will open mht files directly from its menu. For anything else you would need a full path such as…


Doesn’t seem possible to navigate a filesystem though.

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