Which app has best spell check

right now i am using wps office for spell check, however it is bulky.

i am looking for light weight app, please suggest

I feel my spell checking has gone worst since AnySoftKeyboard
Although the Settings on my LineageOS point to the Android Spell Checker (AOSP)
That said, AnySoftKeyboard is great :grinning:

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That said, AnySoftKeyboard is great 

as far as i know, keyboards generally check while we are typing text.

however, i want to check in a file.

Is it bad for security to use the Android Spell Checker?

I did some testing of this recently on Android 10 because there it seems that switching the AOSP keyboard from English to German does not automatically also switch spell checking language anymore (as on Android 9 and I think also below).

It appears to me like easyKL said, the service that is doing the spell checking is “Android Spell Checker (AOSP)”. Changing keyboards does not change the spell checking. My workaround is to use https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.szalkowski.activitylauncher/ to basically make it easier to switch spell checking language faster. So I would also be interested in a better FOSS spell checker (my use case, multi language support).



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