Where did the ZArchiver disappear to?

It just disappeared without a trace.

Which app is this? Link to the source repo?


Another one, not sure if the correct one or not: http://zdevs.ru/en/

Hey i dont know if anyone may want it but no ok have a a copy i dl’d from the actual Google play store
It may be sketchy at best to distribute to anyone one but if youre willing to risk my arma dromed phone (motoxt250…) then ill happily share it

It’s still on APKMirror and Play Store. It seems F-Droid is just ahead of Google in matters of political cancel culture. It’s just great…

The app was never included in F-Droid, AFAIK.
Was it even FOSS?

Can you point me to its source code?

Since this was never on F-Droid in the first place, I’d like to not call you a liar or a spammer, so… Show me the source so I can merge it… And then cancel it.


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