Whatsapp Web To Go and Migrating from Whatsapp

A friend of mine (I swear it isn’t me :rofl: ) is currently using WhatsApp with a group chat. They are interested in using LineageOS in a new phone but do not want to get rid of WhatsApp as that chat they have is a group chat.

Will the WhatsApp Web to Go App be a suitable replacement for whatsapp, while preserving privacy and allowing them to be a part of that chat? If not, is there an app which is a suitable replacement?

I use whatsapp from Aurora store with Lineageos no google installed. Works fine but i can only imagine i am giving up some privacy.


I assume you are referring to an alternative client, the answer is no.
You can install (with Aurora Store) Whatsapp in LineageOS without Gapps, only that there will be no push notifications.

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Got it, thanks to both of you!

I do get push notifications. I only use the app for work but i definitely get notifications.

There are many closed sourced mods (YoWa, GBWa, etc), but unfortunately all closed sourced.

In my view, even though those may be closed source they can’t be worse than Facebook is for spying, unless they are directly created by a government.

Nope. They are modded versions giving you more options and customisations, including privacy to a certain level which Meta itself does not give. Reverse engineered by modders, other than server side stuffs.

IIRC, “Whatsapp web to go” is like a webview wrapper (mimicking a desktop browser).

Please note that "Whatsapp web to go " needs a real "WhatApp - APP " to run on a real phone to work. (i.e) You can have ‘real whatsapp’ installled in a phone (and have WAW2G) in a secondary phone or on the same phone.

“Best” depends what one values. If one values any of the following, then WhatsApp sucks:

FOSS Client: No
Non-free dependencies: Yes
FOSS server: No
Protocol: Custom
Federated: No
Decentralized: No

There are several better alternatives. Why they are not as popular is a mass psychology issue. (Messengers - DivestOS Mobile)

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