WhatsApp Matrix bridging

Matrix is a super ,open source protocol. But is a little to advanced to use .The main problem is that there are very few documentation and lesser video helping noobies like myself.
Chating with matrix is not hard.
And I also figured out how to use telegram matrix bridging.
But for WhatsApp is complicated.
I am trying to get rid of WhatsApp but I am forced to use it.
Can anyone help!
It is also useful to other like me!


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Even if you find a way to bridge WhatsApp, you’ll still be using it. What’s the point then? Ditch it completely if you aren’t a Facebook fan.


My college has forced me to use
And I am sacred of app using my data

Not sure how a collage can force you to use WhatsApp. Will they expel you if you don’t?

In China, basically all colleges or companies use WeChat for communication. Without it you can’t contact with your fellows and won’t receive notifications.

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Sounds quite scary, TBH. We came to a point when we can’t live fulfilling lives without the Big Brother.


In the end you will love Big Brother. :smiley:

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A lot of people have already passed this point because “it’s so convenient!”… :slight_smile:


Don’t put convenience in a negative light. Another way to think about it is productivity. Most people have less mental bandwidth available than what is required by the problems they face. Using the most productive/convenient solutions allows them to handle that resource in a more optimum way.

We understand this point… Also consider putting principles ahead of convenience, or principles will continue being sacrificed at the altar of “convenience.”

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