What's the difference between Privacy Browser and monocles Browser?

I know that Monocles Browser is a fork of Privacy Browser. But what’s the difference between these two? Or, which one is better for security and browsing experience?

I’m confused and can’t choose between them. Any suggestion?

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Anyway @Rasel better ask https://monocles.de/more


Basically, Monocles is a rebranding of Privacy Browser, which is perfectly acceptable according to the GPL. I am not an expert on what has been done to Monocles Browser since the fork, but it appears that he has added a blocklist, made a few modifications to the GUI (the tabs are half as tall), and changed some default settings (the app bar is on the bottom).


On the downside, it appears that Domain Settings are broken in Monocles Browser. Trying to add a domain settings causes the app to crash for me.


I’d guess Monocles Browser uses Monocles search by default, not Mogeek.

Then i’m going to stay with Privacy Browser. I have been using it since last 2 weeks. Loving it, but one issue - after adding a domain setting, browser needs to be restarted to make the domain work like the settings. However, huge thanks for this amazing browser.


Domain Settings should be applied immediately (that is why all the tabs are reloaded every time you exit Domain Settings). If for some reason you are having problems with this I recommend you submit a bug report at redmine.stoutner.com and attach a video.

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