What's the actual criteria to include a language in the website?


The requisites for a language to be included in the live version of fdroid’s website are explained in the “Translation and localization” page:

  • First requisite is "“chrome” strings 100% translated

There’s no component named “chrome” in Weblate but the link goes to the “Website” component, so there’s no ambiguity.

  • Second requisite is “About and Contribute pages in website docs 100% translated

The link goes to Weblate component “Website Docs”, but there are no files named “About” or “Contribute” in GitLab’s “docs” folder, they exist under “pages”.

Files under “pages” are translated in the Weblate component “Website Pages”, not “Website docs”. A way to confirm this is to search F-Droid’s non-profit register number 8420676 mentioned only in the About page: the results are all from the Weblate component “Website Pages”, not “Website Docs”.

  • Third requisite is “10 apps in fdroiddata 100% translated

No ambiguity here, link points to “Data” translation project in Weblate.

So if I got this right, the actual requisites would be:

  • Full translation of “Website”
  • Partial translation of “Website Pages” (About and Contribute)
  • Partial translation of “Data” (10 descriptions)

Currently fdroid.org is available in BO, EN, DE, ES FR, TR, UK, ZH_HANS and ZH_HANT, even if not all fulfill the requisites as of today, I assume that they did in the past and it’s reasonable to give their translators margin to bring them back to completion.

In contrast, there are languages that do fulfill the requisites and have done so for a long time and have not been included. In a quick check (not exhaustive) I see that at least EO, EU, FA and KO have all the above mentioned components fully translated, and I know for a fact that if not all at least some have diligently maintained up to date the components, there are probably other languages that also do fulfill the requisites.

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