What's Best analog for an analog to Visual Studio Code on Android?

I was using JoplinApp for taking notes (synchronized to my phone with SyncThing), but a lot of stuff I write is now in languages other than markdown (HTML, CSS, etc…) and relies on more complex file organization , so I changed to Visual Studio Code. I still use SyncThing to keep notes synced to my phone, and I’d like to know if there’s a FOSS companion for android I can use to edit/view rendered documents. So far I haven’t found a good fit for this purpose.

Wat? Why?

Markor is nice

I thought Markor is not for

You may want to try Squircle CE and Acode.

You may want to try Squircle CE and Acode

Thank you for your reply :blush:.
It looks like Acode is a good option for my purposes. I wish there was an option to check and uncheck boxes, since lists/to-dos are a large part of my use case on mobile, but Acode has all the other features I’m looking for.

Then you should use Markor or To-Do apps for that.

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