What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?


Didn’t you read the description? :slight_smile:


I would like an opensource version of cLock, that works on all androids, as my ics version is very clunky. I would also like a program that controls which programs start with Android, and which do not.


Autostarts already asked, look above

On cLock: you want a widget? One of the two: Your Local Weather OR Forecastie (don’t remember which one))) has one you might like


Yes, I would like a widget. The weather widgets both have very tiny clocks.


Also Fairphone Clock Widget (Clock widget originally designed for the Fairphone 2) - https://f-droid.org/app/community.fairphone.clock


Doesn’t work on ICS, and is Analogue rather than digital. I am already using the Analogue Jelly Clock.


WhiteArmor Antivirus is really good. But it hasn’t been updated either in a long while. Sent a message to the developers twice with no response.


Soon yes: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/merge_requests/3663


In my opinion the most missing app is a complete office suite.


920 editor is nice one, I wonder why the project is abandoned.

Seriously, foss ecosystem lacks full featured video editors & photo editors.

And about IDEs, there are lot on play store, Cppdroid, cxxdroid, c4droid, pydroid. But Termux with LLVM / Clang installed is best, while most are afraid of its command line.

A torrent search engine. Transdroid one on fdroid has lots of bugs and lacks many features.

Lastly, a download manager – seriously. However, chromium / bromite with some flags modified is okay.


you can download latest releases on original github https://github.com/jecelyin/920-text-editor-v2/releases


Qbittorent is very good Torrent client.
Based on QT and C.
Should be possible to convert it for Android as there are already other QT apps in the store.


Does anyone know a morse app?
Proprietary app I use at the moment: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.marlove.morse by Marco Lovetere


I’d be curious to know, too. (Would you be impressed if I told you that I could copy 60+ wpm? Ok, I did not think it would. Lol)


Old version was simple and better.


An app to track the food I have at home. For each item I should be able to associate a quantity and an expiration date. I should get reminders when an item is about to expire.


An app to store recipes, including the ingredients needed & in what quantity.


A viewer for DNG files (it’s not just missing from F-Droid, i couldn’t google one up either - there are some experimental projects on github, but nothing that an end-user can install). Or, maybe, something that adds DNG support to the OS (letting other applications view DNGs, such as the Gallery).


i miss Abiword ,very nice & lightweight


I can open DNGs fine with both CameraRoll and SimpleGallery, not sure if this depends on some ROM support though.