What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?

OSM has extremely strict rules and will immediately ban you for even mentioning Google Maps or other proprietary map data as far as I am aware.

Re: Signal websockets

It’s just HTTP, there’s no external driver required for websockets. Not sure where this comparison is valid, but whatever.

We have ROM integrators around, maybe they’ll chime in how easy it is for usermode (non-system, non-root) apps to bundle actual drivers and use hardware on Android.

Re: Maps

As said above, maybe it’s just missing for your region, as any FOSS thing, you are welcome to improve it…

Lineage OS can disable all sensors.

I think that there is no diff text tool app available on fdroid, something like meldmerge or kdiff3

Example of software:
meldmerge .org

Shazam FOSS would ne awesome.

Too complicated, hard to do without money since you’d need to license all that music that you hash :frowning:

@Hello, @Licaon_Kter
I started a new thread to not getting too offtopic. Music recognition app

Doesn’t work for phones with no Lineage OS support but that is nice to know.

I would like to hear about this from ROM integrators. I suspect it would be a hybrid of an app used to run external credit card scanners (external hardware requirement) and a VPN app (internet control requirement). Both are possible without custom ROM which is why I suspect this app would be possible without custom ROM.

Thankyou. This is usable.

  1. Subtitles editor like Easy Subtitles
  2. Background app killer like Greenify

SuperFreezZ App stopper (Entirely freeze all background activities of apps.)
https://f-droid.org/packages/superfreeze.tool.android/ helps?

What I am missing most of all right now is a way to broadcast a zeroconf/bonjour hostname to the local network similar to Avahi. Everything I have found so far that can do this tends to be a bag of parts providing libraries for app developers to add this feature to their own code.

My use case is that I want to fire up a service under termux, for example, and tell a neighbour on the WiFi to go to mylineageosphone.local to connect to the data or service I provide there. I run gitea under termux on my phone (spinning it up when I want to use it), and it would be great if I didn’t have to keep editing my git remotes every time I hit a new DHCP lease on a café network or something.

So there’s no linux thing to run under Termux for this?

Sadly not! Avahi itself apparently won’t compile for arcane reasons, and all of the things like the Python libraries are just toolkits for developers to write their own such tool rather than a maintained solution. I’ve even tried hacking up a script in python to do the python-zeroconf dance but it never works. I suspect termux can’t let processes do the funny mutilcast UDP games involved.

A first aid app would be great!
Most first aid apps on playstore have ads. (Imagine having to wait to skip an ad to rescue someone… (I haven’t tried all of them so just being imaginative
I only installed the one made by Red Cross which doesn’t contain ad, but it says it would collect my data. I couldn’t find one from F-Droid or Github.
Again. A first aid app would be great! Lifesaving

What does this entail? Examples?

And more

Survival manual https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.ligi.survivalmanual/

but study it before the accident, because your phone could be broken in the accident.

PS. boycotted because on m1krosoft’s github.

On the first aid app by Red Cross they use simple texts and graphs to illustrate some suggested procedures to be taken according to a certain condition. For example, it shows you some steps of what to do if you see someone having a seizure. Videos are included in some conditions.
It also have some quizzes to help you prepare for emergency.