What triggers F-Droid to update app metadata?

Hi, my app repo contains fastlane, today I updated the description (full_description.txt) is that enough to make FDroid detect the change and update the page? or does it only get updated until I make new release with new tag? I want to change the description without creating new release

yes, this… or you can manually MR and add new version (bump versionCode) that you don’t tag

thank you. I don’t understand why it works this way. shouldn’t the publisher be able to edit the metadata without the need to release new version. are we referring to the same version code that is linked with the apk?

what’s the use case? edit what exactly?

After Android 14 release, my app not allowed to install on A14+ unless using adb install with --bypass-low-sdk-target-block, that’s because app needs to target SDK 22 to work properly. I wanted to update the full description to include installation guides for Android 14+ users

On Android 14 or later, F-Droid will not show your app for install, so no one can read that: CHANGELOG.md · 1.19.0 · F-Droid / Client · GitLab

Note that it’s min targetsdk 23, and not 22.

what’s the blocker to update to 23 or later?

“that’s because app needs to target SDK 22 to work properly.”
I am referring here to my app, this is the blocker, my app needs to target SDK 22 to work properly like setEdit app. i have another question? is it possibleto change the name of downloaded binary of my app in FDroid? currently i think it is in format packagename_versioncode.apk, which produces a long name

nope :person_shrugging: