What should I do (and not do) to make an Ionic/React app easy to be part of F-Droid

Hi all,

I have started to develop an open source application using Ionic (capacitor) and React (not React-native).

It’s still in a very early stage but it’s looking promising on Android and since I’d like to submit it to F-Droid at some point I am wondering how easy it is for the F-Droid team to build Ionic/React apps and if there are good (and bad) practices that I should be aware of to make our life easier !



Hi Eric,

I dont know much about building ionic apps but i wish you every success and will keep an eye out for your final release:)


There are some apps built with Ionic in F-Droid.

Capacitor, Ionic, React-Native, Node, plenty of those.

@evlist be sure to document the build steps so it’s easy to make a recipe :wink:

Thanks for the kind words !

This shouldn’t be a problem then, thanks !

@Licaon_Kter Sure I’ll do that. I am using the standard Ionic/React/Nodejs build process which is well documented and should be easy to reproduce.

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