What note taking app do you guys use? Is notally totally Offline? and safe to use?

Is Notally app safe to use? I know it is open source but i don’t see any issues on his git-hub page which seem too good to be true? Is it normal? Or did he Disable his/her issue page? Sorry if i sound out of touch because i never made an GitHub account i don’t know if issues tracker could be hidden by Dev. Can someone take a look at his code?


Yes, Issues can be disabled.


Bill the farmer text editor.

Notally totally Looks OK on 3xodus, fwiw εxodus

Notally is fine. I personally use Quillnote (Take beautiful markdown notes and stay organized with task lists.)

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Notally is a great basic note app that doesn’t have internet permission. I mainly use Quillnote but bounced between the 2 for a while and actually still keep it installed for certain things. I take a lot of notes and multiple times a day so I have tried all FOSS Note apps that i could find, my top 3 are Quillnote, Notally and Standard Notes(Nice layout & built in sync method along with pc app).

If you just want a quick way to create notes by way of .txt files then Notes by billthefarmer is the winner in my opinion.

Silinote is okay for copying & pasying small amounts of texts like names or contact info, websites, etc. There backup & restore feature needs more eork though.

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I liked standard notes’ intention of providing encryption to notes but however let down by absence of markdown or rich text in the free version. Quillnote only has the option of hiding notes which isn’t most secure but good for casual notes not requiring security. Also I’m really wishing quillnote to go cross-platform and add security in the future. If that happens I may not need any other note-taking app.

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