What is Tor Browser for Android using as base after Fenix Transition?


I read this, which states the problems with the Fenix, so do anyone know that what is Guardian Project using as a base for its Tor Browser for Android?
Since f-droid.org untrust these repos, how can Guardian Project trust these…, or the Guardian Project have some different policy on these matters…?

Thanking you…

My Apology if I do not reply for a few weeks time…

AFAIK Tor browser removes, isolate or block untrusted code from Fenix.

Orfox was developed by Guardian Project yes

Tor Browser for Android is made by The Tor Project: https://www.torproject.org/ and only hosted on the Guardian repo

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Actually I meant that:
As we know Tor browser is based on the latest firefox(-esr), then why is f-droid.org doing so much hard-work at replacing fenix’s untrusted stock components with self-made components, and not just removing the tor part of the tor browser for android and publishing at f-droid.
And if infeasible, then the Tor Project must be doing something regarding these issues of fenix, so do anyone know that what are they doing…

Maybe you confused stuff?

Desktop Tor Browser is based on ESR

Mobile version is 84.x Fenix based

A common effort would be nice indeed, yes we don’t have such a relationship.

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